SIGNificant Kiosk Demo

Download the source code and adopt it to your needs!

Demo Video coming soon!


  • Wacom Signing pad (DTU1031,DTU1031X,DTU1141)
  • PC with connected signing pad and correct manufacturer drivers
  • Display Link Driver or MCT Driver (depending on signing pad type)
  • Significant Kiosk SDK running - download from here
  • Demo application - download from here
  • Demo document - download from here

1) Having Kiosk SDK running, start Demo app

2) Input a name for a new biometric profile and click Create and Enroll

3) Complete the enrollment by signing 6 times on the pad

4) Select the provided Demo document by clicking Open

5) Click Sign and start signing process

6) The signature will be validated against previously created profile

7) Optionally, access this link to check the biometric profile