Use Case Demos on Beta Testlab

These Use Case demos show the SIGNificant Products integrated into real world scenarios.

The Beta Testlab has the latest beta versions of the SIGNificant products installed. These version may be not released yet, therefore the functionality may change in the final version.

  • Banking employee asks the customer to sign documents (WSI)
  • The system requires real time signature verification of the customer, showing the enroll & verification process (Biometric Server)
Shop Scenario
  • Sales agent prepares contract and sends it to a tablet in the store (using SIGNificant for iPad/Android)
  • Tablet shows advertisements
  • Tablet opens contract for signing, customer signs
Road Warrior
Road Warrior
  • Insurance agent prepare documents for customer to sign and sends to iPad/Android Tablets
  • Insurance agent goes to customer read the documents together with customer and sign the documents
  • Insurance agent came back to office sync the documents with server

Works only with iPad/Android tablets

Enroll And Verify
Enroll & Verify your Signature
  • Enroll a signature profile
  • Verify your signature
Qualified Certificate Signing
Sign with your Qualified Certificate
  • Enroll a qualified certificate
  • Use it to sign a document in eSAW Viewer
Kiosk Demo
SIGNificant Kiosk Demo
  • Create and enroll a biometric profile
  • Use it to sign a document in Kiosk
Kiosk Demo
SIGNificant Kiosk Browser integration Demo
  • Open a local document
  • Use Kiosk to sign the document